WAPPLES Receives International EAL 4 Common Criteria Certification

Web and DB security provider Penta Security Systems Inc. (represented by CEO Seokwoo Lee, www.pentasecurity.com), recently announced that its web application firewall, WAPPLES, has achieved the highest level of international Common Criteria recognition by receiving an EAL 4 Common Criteria rating certificate from the National Intelligence Service on November 19, 2012.

The EAL 4 Common Criteria Certificate

The international CC process was established to verify the credibility of security products and services, and requires a strict testing and evaluation process. WAPPLES is already the market leader for web application firewalls in Korea with over 2,000 customer references. This new certification proves the concepts behind the security technology of WAPPLES, making it more desirable to an international market as Penta Security continues to grow globally.

Penta Security’s director of global business, Mr. Jaeson Yoo stated, “This EAL 4 Common Criteria certification, combined with the ISO certifications that WAPPLES received in September, will increase our product’s credibility and appeal in the international marketplace.” Mr. Yoo added, “Although WAPPLES is the leader in the Korean web application firewall market, these credentials will be necessary if Penta Security plans to continue promoting the excellence of our product’s quality and technology internationally.”

WAPPLES is a web application firewall that utilizes a logical analysis based engine rather than the traditional pattern matching method used by other companies. The WAF uses a patented engine called the COCEP. It is the leader in the Korean market, and other companies have begun to adopt the WAF overseas.

Penta Security first entered the international market in 2006, when it opened its Japanese branch office in the Akasaka district of Tokyo. Notable international business developments for WAPPLES in 2012 include Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance and Economy, and the International School of Kuala Lumpur. In Thailand, WAPPLES is gaining recognition after being commissioned to protect the Royal Thai Air Force and the Thai Parliament.