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About Us

Founded on its data encryption technology in 1997, Penta Security is a leading provider of web and data security products, solutions, and services. Although Korea today is recognized as a global technology powerhouse, in 1990s there was very little knowledge about technology or cybersecurity. Founder Seokwoo Lee established the company with the vision of bringing security to the forefront.

As security threats rise, sensitive information becomes ever vulnerable to unwanted disclosure and tampering, and businesses and individuals may be tempted to become more reclusive. However, our society is one that should be open, relying on communication, interaction, and sharing among people in order to prosper and develop. Security is essential in order to continue developing a knowledgeable, informed society.

Therefore, the future of technology rests on research. Penta Security prides itself on the emphasis it places on research and development.

Core Technology Development:
Through managing and further developing our core technologies, we innovate to bring new products and solutions to those who need it the most.
Comprehensive Management System:
With roadmaps and R&D strategies, we make sure that our entire lineup is comprehensively managed in order to ensure compatibility, accessibility, and quality security.
Development-Oriented Management:
We value successful introduction of products and services into the market through perfected marketing and distribution techniques.

Our Aim

Penta Security takes a holistic approach to cover all the bases for information security. The company has worked and is constantly working to ensure the safety of its customers behind the scenes through the wide range of IT-security offerings. As a result, with its headquarters in Korea, the company has expanded globally as a market share leader in the Asia-Pacific region.

As one of the first to make headway into information security in Korea, Penta Security has developed a wide range of fundamental technologies. Linking science, engineering, and management together to expand our technological capacity, we then make our critical decisions from a technological standpoint.




While the goal of technology-oriented management is to maximize the economic benefits of the investment, consequently we firmly believe the need to carry out societal responsibilities. Therefore, our goal is to grow long-term for economic, environmental, and technological success.

The importance of digitalized data has been rising in various fields. Whether it’s politics, economy, culture and the arts, or science, industrial infrastructures have gradually become more and more data-oriented, and our reliance on information assets have also been following suit.

Therefore, we have seen an increase in cyber-crime targeting these valuable information assets, pointing to the need for information security as a preemptive measure to prevent potential loss and theft of sensitive information. The dangers that threaten this data constantly change, so a security measure that guaranteed safety in the past might not do so anymore.

To respond to these situational changes, we need to constantly seek fundamental solutions to resolve the ever-changing problems. Penta Security promises to continue to deliver trustworthy and reliable technology through research, development, and management of our products and solutions.