MPC Solution

Combined HW-SW Multi-Party Computation

What is MPC?

The existing virtual asset platform uses a single signature transaction with one private key linked to one address. It may cause undesirable situations such as the outflow of private keys, a Single Point of Failure (SPOF) that will stop the entire system from working properly.

Penta Security’s MPC (Multi-Party Computation) solution manages the overall key lifecycle, including the creation and computation of MPC keys within an inaccessible Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). MPC Solution is the most powerful multi-signature solution that protects virtual assets performed by multilateral computations.



Bank-level Security

– Compliant with key management regulations
– Ease of building systems that are compliant with virtual asset security regulations
– Blockchain cryptographic algorithm based on verified crypto module

Optimized for Businesses

– Ease of deploying SoD (Segment of Duty) system
– Fast and convenient implementation of services with Open SDK
– Customizations available for business environments

Supports Multiple Environments

– Deployment Environment: On-Premise, Cloud
– Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Unix, Android, iOS
– Supported Elliptic Curve: ECDSA, EdDSA
– Available for various types of wallets

How it Works

MPC Group

– An aggregation of members who use MPC functions.
– The group members have accepted to participate and are designated by the group creator.
– Any member of the group will have the right to propose or participate in the signature.

MPC Member

– A unit of organization that participates in a group with its own consent has the authority to propose or participate in a signature.
– Members generally correspond 1:1 with MPC clients as the subject (including MPC clients).

MPC Client

– A unit of software that communicates directly with the MPC server (Commonly described as a wallet software implemented in MPC SDK).

App Server

– Servers to assist the MPC computation process.
– Assists communications between MPC participants for MPC computations.

MPC Server

– Serves as a data relay for MPC computations.
– Delivers data needed for MPC computations to members.
– Collects shared information and redistributes it to Member Index accordingly.

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