IoT Security

Penta Security’s IoT Security Solutions

As IoT (Internet of Things) becomes increasingly popular, we find ourselves living in a world where everything including refrigerators, TVs, cars, production facilities and even small sensors and communication devices such as PCs and smartphones are connected to communicate to each other. Thus, IoT Security is more important than ever.

The IoT security threats posed by how these devices are connected are more diversified and unpredictable than ever, causing significant damage. For instance, there has been an increasing number of cases where privacy was invaded by taking advantage of security vulnerabilities. These connections were intercepted with DDoS attacks. A more specific example would be that hackers can even manipulate the automatic insulin pumps used by diabetes patients from a remote location (800m for instance) or apply an excessive electric current to artificial pacemakers, which could potentially kill the patients.

These types of IoT security issues can result in the invasion of privacy, financial loss and even death of patients. Hence, the issues need to be addressed immediately. Most recently, governments and companies have established IoT international standards such as ‘oneM2M’, ‘AllJoyn’ and ‘ALLSEEN ALLIANCE’ through collaborative efforts with security being considered the critical prerequisite when it comes to International IoT Standards.