Smart Energy Security

Essential in Every Aspect of Energy Business Systems

Secure First, Then Connect

Penta Security provides a comprehensive security platform to address the key security concerns in Smart Energy Systems: data integrity and privacy.

Case 1: Security for electric metering and billing systems
Security solution for electric metering system providers

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system for authentication of metering devices
  • Integrity protection for meter data
  • Device-specific keys for the metering device provider
  • Encryption system and key management system for the utility provider
  • Guarantee of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) confidentiality which is often stored in residential meter data

smart energy security case study for PII

Case 2: Security for power supply management systems
Security solution for building and factory power supply management service providers

  • Non-repudiation measures and data integrity protection provided to ensure accurate measurement and delivery of power
  • Strict authentication and access control measures for administrative access into the cloud service
  • Privacy of sensitive power usage information

smart energy security case study for PII

Case 3: Security for electric vehicle (EV) charging systems
Security solution for electric vehicle charging service providers

  • Security for member authentication and billing (between EV and MO)
  • Tampering protection and data integrity checks for charging data, and authentication for chargers and charging systems
  • Secure data transfer between electric vehicles and chargers

smart energy electric vehicle charging systems

Case 4: Security for electric bus control systems
Security solution for electric bus operations, battery life monitoring, and charging system providers

  • Data integrity checks for real-time monitoring of remaining power in battery, charging and billing information
  • Authentication and access control for administrative access into bus control system
  • Authentication of charging points, charging systems and batteries, and secure communication channels

smart energy electric bus system

Smart Energy = Secure First

There’s an abundance of talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), but there’s been a misguided effort by vendors and manufacturers to implement IoT technology into their systems before proper security measures are in place. Penta Security aims to secure first, and has developed the solutions to implement into energy systems to ensure that business operations will not only be successful, but safe.

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