All-in-one authentication
iSIGN+ Datasheet

iSIGN+ is the first appliance-type Single Sign-On (SSO) solution in Korea. Certified as an encryption module by the Korean National Intelligence Service, it provides security as well as SSO features. In addition, it integrates all of the required components for SSO implementation, such as authentication server, database, and policy server as an all-in-one solution. With iSIGN+, you can implement powerful and various SSO features in a fast and easy way. iSIGN+ is compliant with FIDO2 specifications for authentication.


isign plus sso authentication product appliance


All-in-One Appliance
  • Reduces cost and maximizes efficiency by integrating authentication server, database server, policy server, and management console with a single solution
Strong Authentication Security
  • Disables concurrent logins and provides authentication
  • Token encryption and key storage based on real-time random key
Secure Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Strengthens security and compliance by allowing seamless access across multiple applications
Auditing and Monitoring
  • Management tool allows the administrator to monitor per-user service time, inspect behaviors, and screen log/audit record
Easy and Fast Installation
  • 50% faster installation and integration speed compared to competing solutions
  • Directly applicable without the need to change system configurations
Multi-Factor Authentication
  • ID/PW, mOTP, biometrics (fingerprint, iris), certificate, FIDO UAF/U2F, and FIDO2 authentication



· Removes business inefficiency and user inconvenience caused by distributed user management

· Saves the management time and costs caused by increased users and business systems

· Improves security and prevent accidents caused by internal threats with powerful authentication and privilege management

· Satisfies the privacy protection act with the user audit feature and privilege control for the information system

· Strengthens security by preventing duplicate logins through diversified access channels such as PC, mobile device, and tablet (instruction of the Financial Supervisory Service)


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