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New eras tend to boast new technology and it can be easy to tunnel vision onto the hype of new developments. However, existing technologies should not be discounted as they are still highly relevant and developing further.

In order to respond to the changes of the times, the industrial field has also changed to accommodate developments.While tempting, simple application of universal technology won’t solve problems that exist within the industry. However, corporate information security can be addressed and resolved through the fundamental solutions of enterprise information security.

The three core elements of information security are authentication + web security + encryption. The three elements are also a base for the questions and answers that may come about when thinking about the IT system, and how a user’s data is processed and stored.

Authentication “Are these legitimate users?”
Web security “Is this normal traffic?”
Encryption “Has the data been stored safely?”

If these questions aren’t answered properly, then security incidents like authentication failures, application security incidents, or data leakage can occur. That’s why with any issue within security, the three core elements must be addressed first. Within these elements, fundamental solutions can be applied to any environment, and application methods will differ according to the environmental characteristics of the business field at hand.

Penta Security, therefore, provides these solutions to meet the specific environment’s needs.


POS System Security

The POS system is a comprehensive sales management system that integrates, analyzes, and evaluates sales information in real-time. It connects the order processing system of the store as well as the manager’s computer system online. Recently, there has been an increase in information leakage within the POS system. The POS systems, terminals, web servers, DB servers are all linked to each other. Therefore, it’s no longer enough to prevent information leakage and security. There is a need for a system security solution. Penta Security’s POS system security solution is based on technology that details the structure of the POS system and utilizes the appropriate technology to meet the characteristics of the environment at hand.


SAP Security

SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application that supports the activities of the business in a variety of industries. It integrates all the business functions of manufacturing, development, purchasing, marketing, services, logistics and distribution. SAP contains important information like employee details, financial transaction details, and trade secrets., Hence, SAP houses confidential and sensitive information as well as information that must be encrypted according to the Privacy Act. Penta Security’s SAP security solution is a solution that provides the right security for an ERP that is otherwise difficult to apply security to.


Mobile Security

Back in the days when networks were disconnected and small, security was simple. However, as networks have begun to connect with each other, they have grown in size and have even become overtaken by the addition of rapidly expanding mobile communications. With the explosive expansion of mobile communications and the spread of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture, corporate security personnel are struggling with network security. Physical methods through network equipment are no longer adequate for management. For complex situations such as these, Penta Security does provide mobile security solutions.


Unstructured Data Security

Unstructured data by definition refers to data that is not stored in fixed fields. This includes data in the form of text-based documents, images, videos, voice data, messenger conversations, and location information that is recorded on mobile phones. Traditional approaches only encrypted personal information stored within a database. However, with recent developments, unstructured data also containing personal information must be encrypted. Penta Security’s unstructured data security solution is designed to respond to such situations.


Medical Information Security

Medical information is used to analyze patient medical care, activities, diagnostics, and therapies. The data is collected and analyzed in order to aid current and future patients. Therefore, medical information is very sensitive and private. Confidentiality and security must be ensured in order to deal with the often dire treatment requirements unique to medical institutions. Penta Security’s healthcare information security solution was developed based on the environment of the medical industry.


Authentication Security

Authentication is the act of confirming or authenticating. Authenticating an object means that the source must be verified, and authenticating a person must mean that the person’s identity. Authentication can vary depending on one or more authentication factors, like a digital signature. With regard to digital signatures, authentication refers to the act of verifying that the digital signature belongs to the subscriber, and the certificate is the electronic proof for authentication. Penta Security’s authentication security solutions are designed to achieve quick and accurate authentication for any environment.


Enterprise Key Management

Each year, an increasing amount of personal information is leaked, making it necessary for public authorities and companies to encrypt their data. The most efficient method for secure encryption is to store and manage the encryption keys within a key management system. This stores the encryption key outside the server, and avoids the potential security threats of storing the key inside the server. Penta Security provides secure and convenient enterprise key management solutions for various environments based on years of accumulated technology and understanding of corporate business systems.

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