Virtual Web Application and API Protection for your cloud
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WAPPLES SA (Software Appliance) is a virtual Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) that can be seamlessly integrated with cloud systems and other virtual environments. This solution is a great fit for enterprise customers such as data centers and hosting providers as well as SMBs such as managed security service providers and private cloud business infrastructures. WAPPLES SA has support for popular hypervisors including KVM, XenServer, and vSphere.

Convenient Scalability

WAPPLES SA (Software Appliance) generally provides all the capabilities of the hardware WAPPLES appliance with the added ability to scale as your business grows. Based on the same award-winning WAPPLES technology, WAPPLES SA can detect and block known, modified and zero-day attacks with its Contents Classification and Evaluation Processing (COCEP™) engine.

  • 39 preconfigured detection rules heuristically and semantically protect websites at extremely low false positive rates
  • Validity testing mechanism (Luhn : ISO/IEC7812) prevents leakage of sensitive data
  • Centralized dashboard aids visualization of threat data
  • Supports log searches by period/source/URI/country
  • Exports logs in Excel format and supports backup/deletion/recovery of logs
  • Easily operable without maintenance by web security experts

Matching the dynamic scalability of the Cloud, WAPPLES SA provides the most appropriate level of protection for any sized company.

Easy Installation and Configuration

Unlike deploying a hardware appliance, implementing WAPPLES SA is an extremely straightforward process. When a client decides to deploy WAPPLES SA, the client receives a DVD file that can simply be imported through supported virtual platforms.

The benefits are:

  • Minimal changes to existing systems
  • Quick setup with preconfigured security policies
  • Intuitive GUI management console allows users to further fine-tune and create robust custom security policies
  • Independently managed H/W servers and S/W protection with a reverse proxy IP
  • Increased efficiency in web security management

WAPPLES SA runs as a virtual appliance on the same layer as other virtual images. Therefore, there is no need for the installation of another agent or any other modification of the virtual platform/hypervisor.

Once the proxy IP of the web server is registered in WAPPLES, the logic-based detection engine of WAPPLES SA will immediately begin examining all web traffic sent to the registered web server.

In general, performance degradation may be experienced when a security solution has more than 3,000 patterns. With WAPPLES SA, however, such pattern updates are no longer required.

Installation of WAPPLES Software Appliance

Benefits to Cloud Service Providers

Optimized for integration with cloud systems, cloud providers are able to provide their clients with high-end security services:

1. Increase reliability of cloud service through improved security
2. Build customized management pages with WAPPLES SA’s Web API
3. Reduce TCO by utilizing a virtual appliance instead of H/W model
4. Support high availability, complete with policy and log synchronization in real-time
5. Receive web attack analysis report for cloud service providers


Class Value Performance High-End
Model SA-50 SA-100 SA-500 SA-1000 SA-5000
Throughput 100 Mbps 300 Mbps 500 Mbps 1 Gbps 4 Gbps
Recommended RAM 4 GB ~ 16 GB 8 GB ~ 32 GB 16 GB ~ 64 GB 32 GB ~ 64 GB ~
Recommended Storage 80 GB 80 GB 100 GB 200 GB 1 TB
HA Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supported Hypervisors VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen Server, Linux KVM
Public Cloud (IaaS) Supported AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud

*Actual performance may vary depending on multiple factors including system configuration, hardware specifications, and network traffic.

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