A genuine product authentication solution to prevent damages caused by counterfeit products

Per the IACC Report, counterfeit products distributed in 2012 have been valued around USD 200~600 billion to maximum USD 1 trillion, which is a 10,000% increase within the last 20 years. Products include expensive shoes, bags and jewelry as well as many medicines and auto parts, posing serious threats to people’s lives.

D’EAL is a genuine product authentication solution designed to prevent damages caused by counterfeit products using PKI-based technology and hardware duplication protection. The solution ensures the highest level of security by incorporating PKI technology into a range of areas including e-Business security solutions, public certification and end-to-end encryption, while taking advantage of our extensive expertise in this field. It supports various methods based on wireless communication technologies such as electronic tags (in the form of stickers), insertion into inner fabrics and metallic logos without compromising the brand design, while ensuring a high level of security.

By introducing this authentication solution, companies can protect their financial wellbeing and brand image, as well as their customers, from counterfeit products while improving their brand values.

Conventional Counterfeit Prevention Technologies

Several technologies have been developed for the prevention of counterfeit products, including holograms, security ink, QR codes and RFID, but all of these are limited in terms of effectiveness as they have a poor level of security and identifiability. Furthermore, they do not create additional values due to a lack of compatibility with other IT applications.

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Solution Features

With PKI technology and wireless communication support, Penta Security System offers solutions that overcome these limitations and stand out in the following areas:


D’EAL solves the limitations of existing anti-counterfeit and duplication solutions using PKI and hardware technology that do not allow duplication. The hardware copy protection technology prevents tag duplication and improves security by linking with close range communication technologies, such as PKI, RFID, NFC and beacon.


D’EAL can be linked to a smartphone which makes it easy to identify counterfeit products. You can authenticate products within five seconds by holding your smart phone to an electronic tag without any additional operation. It provides a secure data management system by incorporating authentication and encryption services.


D’EAL provides extra features such as distribution and inventory management based on close-range communication technology. By coordinating with beacon technology, it can help identify stolen items and those not for sale while preventing theft from stores through validation. If any abnormal activities are identified through data analysis, the certificate of such items is removed for security. It is also linked with various tools and share ID data for the purpose of CRM and SCM.


D’EAL supports various types of electronic tags. Wireless communication technology can be used with a wide range of materials due to its interchangeable construction, as it can be used as a sticker, metal logo or inserted into inner fabric to maintain the original brand design and minimize any additional process for authentication.


D’EAL provides a user-friendly GUI to automatically detect abnormal activities, visualize and manage by item, location and date, and link with mobile applications. Additionally, it is easy to link with other management systems.

How it works: Flow Chart

Insert certificates which cannot be duplicated for authentication. Then, authenticate each tag signature using the Challenge & Response system and validate the identification data. Following these two steps, you can further improve security.

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