D’Amo KMS for Cold Wallet

The ultimate crypto vault
for your business assets

D’Amo KMS for cold wallet is a digital asset storage solution for enterprises to manage assets in the safest environment possible.

D’Amo KMS for cold wallet keeps itself separate from the network, thus eliminating all external threats, making it best suited for enterprise environments. D’Amo KMS for cold wallet utilizes hardware security module (HSM) based on in-house developed Penta Wallet Framework* and runs on established trusted execution environment (TEE) which provides absolute data integrity, robust security and confidentiality in order to prevent against any types of external threats.

* Penta Wallet Framework: In-house developed crypto algorithm and blockchain protocol framework, applied across all of D’Amo’s blockchain products.

D'Amo KMS for Cold Wallet Package

D'Amo KMS for cold wallet, D'amo KMS cold wallet card, D'Amo KMS cold wallet bridge

Complete separation of responsibilities from the network, prevents against any external threats

Product Composition


D’Amo KMS for Cold Wallet

Rugged book cold wallet

Cold Wallet Function

* Creates and manages wallets
* Signs and approves transactions
* Creates accounts and manages admins
* Manages wallet-related policies



D’Amo KMS Cold Wallet Card

Smart card for data transfers

Data Mover

* Transfers transaction information
* Transfers admin and authentication certificates
* Authentication based on ownership



D’Amo KMS Cold Wallet Bridge

Software for network communication

Hot End

* Creates transactions
* Inquires balance and transactions
* Transfers signed transactions to the MainNet

Optimized for Enterprises

By implementing 6 multi-functions, enterprises can manage their assets more efficiently and safely.

Multi Cryptocurrency

Enterprises can benefit from all-in-one digital asset management via D’Amo KMS for cold wallet

Multi Admin

Consists of various admins such as system admin, master key admin, policy admin, and finance admin for you to best optimize D’Amo KMS for cold wallet to your own environment

Multi Signature

Must meet the quorum (multi-signature) in order to proceed the transfer and safely manage the assets

Multi Wallet

Able to create different wallets for one type of cryptocurrency for distributed storage and management. In addition, can enjoy the functions that are best-optimized for enterprises’ asset management systems

Multi Authentication

Provides 3 types of authentications such as smart card based on ownership, biometric authentication, and ID/PW

Multi Approval

In addition to creating transactions, it requires a certain number of admin approvals. (i.e. It must meet N out of M approval conditions in order to complete the transfer signature)

Product Security

D'Amo KMS for cold wallet provides robust security to block any kind of threats that can occur in the environment of storage
Prevents against
network intrusion

Implementation of TEE through HSM

D’Amo KMS for cold wallet operates all sensitive information only in trusted execution environment (TEE) through hardware security module (HSM)  in order to prevent against any theft

Complete Separation from the Network

Data exchange can only be implemented through D’Amo KMS cold wallet card which blocks all external access via separation from the network

Prevents against
physical extortion

3-Factor Authentication

D’Amo KMS cold wallet card is a means of data exchange and authentication. Provides other bio authentication methods such as fingerprints and ID/PW for stronger security

D’Amo KMS for Cold Wallet Trust Formation Structure

D’Amo KMS for cold wallet, D’Amo KMS cold wallet card, and D’Amo KMS cold wallet bridge only connects via authentication certified devices. Blocks any device trying to access the assets without the certification

Prevents against
insider's extortion

Secret Sharing

Distributes master key to the admin through N out of M secret sharing. Precludes external users to recover independently without forming a quorum

Admin and Policy System

Able to set admins and policies (withdrawal limit, blacklist, whitelist, etc.) and prevents from internal user’s malicious extortion thanks to the benefits of forming a quorum

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