D’Amo KMS for Hot Wallet

Institutional-grade protection
for your business assets

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Advanced, Effective, and Agile Protection

D’Amo KMS for hot wallet is a digital asset management solution optimized for enterprise-scale environments.

Created with financial service providers in mind, D’Amo KMS for hot wallet draws on over 22 years of expertise in developing cryptographic solutions to eliminate wallet security risks.

D’Amo KMS for hot wallet utilizes secret sharing technology to ensure that each transaction is approved by multiple administrators, in order to defend against rogue behavior and protect assets from human error. All operations are run in a trusted execution environment (TEE) which provides absolute data integrity and confidentiality via the Penta Wallet Framework* and hardware security module (HSM).

Now deployable on-premise, with optional cold wallet integration.

*Penta Wallet Framework: In-house developed crypto algorithm and blockchain protocol framework, applied across all of D’Amo’s blockchain products.

Tailored for Business Needs

D'Amo KMS for hot wallet provides the dynamic security essential in enterprise environments with multiple admins and role-based access policies.


Minimized Management Burden

Minimizes unnecessary development and procedures through digital asset updates via one single interface

PALLET X Management

Supports Admin Settings

Supports customized asset management solutions for multiple admins and authentication processes in accordance with enterprises’ management system


Supports Cold Wallet Integration

Allows safe and flexible management of digital assets via Penta Security’s D’Amo KMS cold storage integration

Product Security

D'Amo KMS for hot wallet's security structure fully supports enterprises’ safe asset management environment.

Based on Key Security

Built TEE by blocking external access and threats through HSM


Secret Sharing

Separates the master key when generating the wallet to prevent any accidental or malicious wallet recovery attempts


Distribution of Key Management Authority

Supports multisignature function that allows a limited number of granted admins’ approval to prevent any individual’s asset abuse


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