Cloud Security

Why does the Cloud need security?

Cloud services provide a computing environment and function through a network.

We often come across the term, “Cloud” but utilize it in different ways than it was originally meant. The first wave of cloud computing was to pay-per the amount used in computing, but now it is interpreted as a computing environment that’s part of a network. Though interpretations of the terminology may differ, cloud services must meet the following conditions:

  • Devices must be connected through a broadband network
  • Service must be provided based on user demand and needs
  • The location where computing resources are accumulated should not be limited
  • The resources should be scalable according to usage
  • Usage should always be quantifiable and measurable

When these conditions are met, we can define it as a cloud service.
If we define it technically, a cloud service is a resilient, on-demand virtual machine.

Cloud Services

Cloud service can be divided into three categories:

Infrastructure as a Service

A cloud service that provides a computing
environment or network as a service.

Platform as a Service

A cloud service that provides the platform or
solution environment for using computers.

Software as a Service

A cloud service that provides application
software as a service.

Cloud Security Service?

Cloud services are not different from traditional technologies in that it’s a combination of virtualizing servers and distributing processing technology according to a business’s needs.

The term “cloud” is often misunderstood as if data were simply floating around in the air, but data handled by cloud services are also stored on a physical server somewhere. It is handled by a virtual server and distributed processing hence made flexible.

A security solution within the cloud needs to include the characteristics of the cloud itself. Hence, virtualization and distributed processing must also be possible for the solution but cloud security also follows the methodology of existing information security standards. The three core elements of information security encryption + web security + authentication are still an important foundation, but cloud security responds to the singularities that come about within the cloud environment. Therefore, D’Amo Cloud (for encryption), WAPPLES Cloud (for web security), and ISign+ Cloud (for authentication) have been prepared as cloud security solutions that operate at the same level as our on-premise solutions.

Next, collaboration with a larger cloud service company is significant. The larger the scale of the cloud, the greater the required skill level. What kind of cloud service you collaborate with is a key factor in choosing a cloud security solution.

With this in mind, cloud security solutions fall under two categories:

1) Virtualized solutions to protect distributed cloud environments

2) Security services provided by using cloud environments, or a solution that can provide the security service

Penta Security Cloud Security Solutions

Within both categories, Penta Security currently offers the following cloud security solutions:


Cloud Web Security

D’Amo Cloud

Cloud Encryption

ISign+ Cloud

Cloud Authentication

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