Web Application Threat Trend (WATT) Report

Real Web Application Threat Data Collected and Analyzed by WAPPLES

The Web Application Threat Trend (WATT) Report is a comprehensive report of attack trends and patterns compiled by Penta Security System’s Intelligent Customer Support (ICS) team. The report is compiled after thorough analysis of customer and detection data from WAPPLES, Penta Security’s Web Application Firewall (WAF), which holds the largest market share in the WAF industry for the Asia-Pacific region.

The purpose of this report is to not only identify and predict future web attack patterns through the analysis of the latest web attack trends, but also to apply the trends and patterns to WAPPLES patented logic-based detection engine.

The reports showcase the following:

  • Most frequently detected WAPPLES rules
  • Detection figures of  OWASP Top 10
  • Origin of attacks by continent
  • Purpose of the attacks
  • Distribution of attacks by industry
  • Distribution of primary attacks by month
  • Distribution of attacks by time of day