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2022 Q2 EDB/CVE Analysis Report Infographic

An overview of the latest web vulnerability trends and attack patterns.


edb report infographic

2022 Q1 EDB/CVE Analysis Report Infographic

An overview of the latest web vulnerability trends and attack patterns.


Top 5 Most Common Types of Cyberattacks on Web Applications

Learn more about the top 5 web app targeted cyberattacks and ways to prevent them in 2022.


timeline cybersecurity 2021

A Timeline of Major Cybersecurity Incidents in 2021

Take a look back at some of the major cybersecurity incidents that took place in 2021.


API infographic

API Attacks and Ways to Protect Against Them

Learn about Application Programming Interface and ways to protect against vulnerabilities.


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What is Smart About Smart Contracts?

Get to know more about smart contracts & blockchain, its advantages and use cases.


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6 Types of Email Threats & How to Mitigate Them

Learn how you can mitigate the most common 6 types of email threats with Penta Security here today.


working from home penta security

Secure Work-From-Home Tips & Tricks

WFH is here to stay, but how can we make sure to do it securely? Find out more through our 4 tips.


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8 Most Catastrophic Ransomware Attacks

Learn briefly about the 8 most catastrophic ransomware attacks in 2020 with Penta Security.


DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks: Top 5 Industry Targets

A brief look at the top 5 industry targets for DDoS hackers. Start protecting with WAPPLES today.


credential stuffing infographic

5 Ways to Prevent Credential Stuffing

There are many easy steps to decrease the risk of credential stuffing. Learn how you can prevent with Penta Security.


Top 10 Cybersecurity Lingoes You Need to Know

Penta Security laid out our top 10 cybersecurity lingoes that might come in handy for you.


Big 4 Data Compliance Standards: GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CCPA

A brief look and comparison of the four major data privacy regulations in the world.


How Hackers Can Play With Your Connected Car

By 2022, roughly 80% of new vehicle models will have built-in data connectivity. This has the dangerous potential to become an attack channel for hackers.


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