Penta Security Releases 12 Gbps WAF, WAPPLES-10000

WAF, WAPPLES-10000 provides the highest performance in the industry

Data encryption and web security provider Penta Security Systems Inc. announced its most powerful web application firewalls, the WAPPLES-5200 and WAPPLES-10000. The WAF, WAPPLES-10000 provides the highest performance in the industry with its capacity, capable of up to 12 Gbps throughput. The model is ideal for the large, robust web service environments.

Penta Security’s WAPPLES is a logic engine-based WAF, which means it can detect unknown attacks, unlike pattern-based WAFs that can only react to previously known attacks. WAPPLES can process large amount of web traffics with its embedded in-memory processing technology for high performance. With the detection engine and in-memory process, WAPPLES delivers high security and stability. WAPPLES-10000 can process up to 12 Gbps network throughput. It is the highest performance in the WAF industry, and this capability enables WAPPLES-10000 to provide stable web security services for large web service systems such as portals, games, and online malls without any buffering or system delay.

Penta Security CTO Duk Soo Kim said,

“There have been a sequence of data breaches exploiting web applications’ vulnerabilities. IT infrastructures, meanwhile, are constantly expanding, resulting in increased traffic that can, in some cases, seem overwhelming. Therefore, people are realizing the importance of web security, and the demand for high performance WAFs is increasing.” He continued, “WAPPLES is a verified product in the Korean market with a 61% market share of the public sector in the past three years. We have about 2,500 installations so far. The new 12Gpbs WAF will provide proper security and high-performance experience,” he emphasized.


Penta Security Systems Inc. was established by CEO Seokwoo Lee in 1997 by CEO Seokwoo Lee, and is a leading provider of web and data security products, solutions, and services in the Asian-Pacific region.

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