The First MySQL DB Encryption Software, MyDiamo

MySQL DB Encryption Software

Web security and DB encryption provider Penta Security Systems (Representative CEO/Founder Seok Woo Lee) announced that it will be releasing the first MySQL DB encryption software ‘MyDiamo’ on March 1, 2013. For some time, MySQL users have not had access to advanced data encryption software. This was problematic for those needing to safely secure private information, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data. From now on, Penta Security’s MyDiamo will allow MySQL users to encrypt and decrypt their data with powerful key strength algorithms.

MyDiamo uses international standard encryption algorithms such as AES and TDES. In addition, MyDiamo supports one-way encryption for passwords, partial encryption for index column encryption, and credit card number masking for PCI DSS compliance. It also provides column-based encryption to minimize performance degradation, as encryption by column affects DB performance the least.

“Freeware licenses available for educational or non-profit personal use”

CTO and director of Penta Security’s Research & Development center, Dr. Duk Soo Kim said, “In order to spread the word about our security products, free licenses will be provided for personal users who wish to adopt MyDiamo for educational or non-profit purposes. For commercial users, purchasing a license will enable high level technical support services from Penta Security’s DB security experts.”

Kim also stated, “MySQL is open source software. This allowed us to develop a column-based encryption technology that operates at the engine level. Our plan was to create a product that can be used by the public. However, we sought to cinclude two technology features from our commercial encryption software D’Amo. D’Amo has received multiple certificates and recognition worldwide, and is trusted by 1,300 national and international customers.”

The GUI management console is provided as an add-on feature of phpMyAdmin with GPL (GNU Public License). It is completely open-source to the public, and the encryption engine of MyDiamo is distributed by a MyDiamo license. You can check detailed information and product data downloads regarding MyDiamo by visiting (