Security weekly

[Security Weekly] Get ready! Time to Brace for Cyberattacks from Iran

3rd Week of January 2020  1. U.S. Government and experts…
Cryptocurrency Wallet

There’s No ‘Currency’ in Your Cryptocurrency Wallet: Part 1

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?  In our day to day…

'Zero Trust', the 4 Concrete How-Tos

 ‘Zero Trust’ is quite the thing in the IT world.…
3 key features of enterprise encryption

Enterprise Encryption: 3 Key Features for Robust Security

Looking to secure corporate assets? From the technical reliability…
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talenta penta security partnership cryptocurrency security

Penta Security Partners with Talenta to Accelerate Crypto Asset Security

Penta Security Systems Inc. is expanding the reach of its…
leaking data

3 Massive Data Breaches that Could Have Been Easily Avoided

These days, many consider data to be the most valuable asset…

Penta to Safeguard Token Exchanges Against Hacking

Penta Security Systems Inc. closes the security gap in the blockchain…

Penta Security to Launch Secure Biometrics-Enabled Cryptocurrency Wallet

Penta Security has announced a new line of cryptocurrency hardware…