The Benefits of Using Signature-less Detection Technology



Cloudbric takes pride in being different from its competitors. With over 19 years of information security experience, Cloudbric Business Edition (BE) utilizes a Web Application Firewall (WAF) based on Penta Security’s unique logic based hardware WAF called WAPPLES. Managing your enterprise’s security has never been easier, not to mention cost saving.

Cloudbric BE is a fully managed autonomous cloud web security suite. What this means is Cloudbric BE enables all enterprise clients, as well as web hosting providers, to successfully install an on-premises WAF solution into their physical or cloud based infrastructure. Futhermore, we eliminated complicated installation procedures, enterprise security settings configurations, and the need to expend resources on specialized security teams. Cloudbric BE’s elite performance derives from its Contents Classification and Evaluation Processing (COCEP) technology. This technology relies on a signature-less detection technology. This is what separates Cloudbric BE from the rest of the market in terms of pure security.

Benefits of Using Cloudbric Business Edition

Most traditional WAF vendors primarily rely on pattern matching or signature-based detection. This means that they are only able to detect and filter previously recorded or known web attacks that have already occurred. However, Cloudbric Business Edition is unique in that we use 26 custom algorithms and rule sets to more accurately block web attacks with low false positives. Our logic based algorithms allow our WAF to capture a wider range of web attacks and possibilities. This helps us detect even unknown or modified web attacks.

The benefits of switching to Cloudbric and taking advantage of this signature-less detection technology are evident:

1. Precise Detection

We detect attacks before they become a problem. As previously mentioned, Cloudbric BE operates on a logic based engine that can block known, unknown attacks, and modified web attacks. Instead of constantly relying on outdated signatures and attack patterns to identify incurred web attacks, we allow our 26 preset rules to intelligently discover more attacks and at a higher accuracy (low false positive).

2. Zero Signature Updates Required

This benefit is clear: no need to perform signature updates! Problems arise with signature-based detection because they cannot predict or detect modified and new attacks. As a result, enterprises have to continuously update new signatures and pay more in the long run. Other WAF vendors charge high prices to purchase their enterprise WAFs, perform installation and settings configuration, and product maintenance with constant system/signature updates. These security vendors leave enterprises with their hands tied since they have to face a choice between leaving their websites exposed to new attacks or pay for the next set of signature updates. With Cloudbric BE there is no need to pay for zero signature updates as they are not required.

3. Cost Saving

As we just mentioned above, not requiring our clients to update signatures can present a major cost savings in the long run. Additionally, we require zero installation or settings configurations in order to activate Cloudbric BE. Hence, enterprises do not need to have a security team to install and constantly maintain our product. Cloudbric BE prides itself in being the ultimate fully managed security suite that can act as your in house web security team. Switch to Cloudbric BE and avoid paying for new updates on top of the enterprise price!

Our special logic analysis engine is what differentiates Cloudbric from other website protection solutions. By opting for a signature-less detection technology and a higher accuracy rate enterprises can save a fortune since it requires zero signature updates, zero hassle, and helps you save money by not expending more unnecessary resources. Compared to our competitors, Cloudbric BE offers affordable and customized pricing to fit the needs of our enterprise customers.