Penta Security’s WAPPLES is Growing in the Japanese Cloud Market

Data encryption and web security provider Penta Security Systems Inc. announced that the WAPPLES’ cloud WAF service has been receiving positive comments in the Japanese cloud market. Penta Security has been providing WAF services for the cloud since 2012, through its partnership with Softbank.

WAPPLES in the Japanese cloud market

WAPPLES, the core of “white cloud” security, is distinguishing itself from other competitors with its intuitive user interface, simple policy settings, and high web security detection rates.

Penta Security COO Seokil Cho explained, “The distribution structure in Japan is very unique, and the high demand for the localization has been a big obstacle in entering the Japanese WAF market.”

Mr. Cho continued, “Penta Security has been providing its products and services to Japanese customers since opening its Tokyo office in 2007. With Penta Security’s continuous efforts in the localization of its materials and extensive market analysis, we formed a partnership with Softbank, a major IT company in Japan.

He added, “Other than the WAF service, there is growing interest in our DB encryption solution D’Amo, and the integrated security authentication solution ISign+, in the Japanese market. Based on this success, we are expecting good results from our new subsidiary in the United States.”

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Cloudbric is an elite full service website security solution specifically designed for IT novices, entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses. First launched in 2015, Cloudbric is based on the enterprise level Web Application Firewall by Penta Security Systems, a global information security firm headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Penta Security has served more than 3,100 customers for over eleven years. For more information on Cloudbric’s web security service, please visit or contact support(at)cloudbric(dot)com.