Selected as a Patent Star Company

Penta Security Systems Inc. has announced that it has been selected as a Patent Star Company

Penta Security is the first application security company in 2012 to be selected as a Patent Star company in Korea. Selection benefits include entitlement to receive comprehensive patent consulting, regional brand and design renovation as a special benefit package (over a period of three years, up to a valued total of $200,000 USD).

The criteria that are needed to be fulfilled include:

  1. The candidate company must hold more than 10 patents for unique technologies in its given market.
  2. The company must invest a certain percentage of its revenue towards patented candidate technology and R&D.
  3. A venture company with a dedicated intellectual property management staff, as well as inventor compensation

The Seoul Intellectual Property Center will evaluate whether the company is eligible for meeting this Patent Star criteria.

Penta Security CTO, Duk Soo Kim stated,

“From its foundation, Penta Security has developed unique and distinctive technologies. Penta has successfully transformed novel ideas into patented products. These kinds of efforts are the reason why Penta Security has been selected as a Patent Star company. We will continue our efforts to create values based on technology, and we will endeavor to strengthen our competitive edge in the global market.”