Top 5 Database Protection Solutions in 2020

Can you imagine how many connections there are in your database? Are you prepared to prevent your connections, system, and your entire business from external threats? Before we dig into database encryption solutions, let’s first clarify what encryption is and see how database encryption can help secure our data more safely and efficiently. 


What is Encryption? 

An encryption algorithm changes information into incomprehensible characters through a mathematical process. It’s a fundamental form of defense that deals with the security of the data itself. This means that even if there’s a system breach, compromised data is still only readable by authorized users in possession of the right encryption keys. 


So Why Do We Need a Database Encryption Solution?

The core of current encryption technology is the ‘encryption key’. This is a parameter that specifies the transformation from plaintext to ciphertext, and vice versa. There are various types of encryption and one-way (hashing), symmetric encryption, and asymmetric encryption are the main types. 


However, recent data and security breaches revealed that configuration solely relied on the web application server (WAS) is incapable of providing sufficient and robust security. In reality, web application encryption must be implemented throughout all layers and areas of a system which includes applications, systems, and networks. 


If you ever assumed that database encryption could be redundant, and it only becomes necessary when other security measures fail, it’s already exposing too many vulnerabilities of your system to severe threats. Whether your business is big or small, with secure key management, privilege management, and access control, solid encryption is achievable – In other words, this is the only option for your business if you’re willing to prevent massive security breaches in the future. 


What are My Options? 

In simple words, amongst all the encryption methods out there – column-level encryption is basically the best type of encryption. It works by encrypting columns and can protect columns across heterogeneous database environments that include SQL Server, Oracle, and other open-source DBs. 


  1. IBM Guardium

With IBM’s Guardium platform, you can easily discover and classify sensitive data. It discovers, classifies, and monitors activities in order to protect sensitive data. You can always register for their data protection webinars during the pandemic for more information.


  1. Fortinet 

Fortinet’s database security service offers centrally-managed, enterprise-scale database protection. The management tool itself makes things easier for you to verify and implement different tests for custom applications. It’s available through the Forti DB product line. 


  1. D’Amo

D’Amo protects and encrypts all three layers of a database that are networks, systems, and applications. It’s optimized for various operating systems and also available in four different product families, including key management. 


  1. Thales

Thales’ data encryption, Vormetric platform, also extended its services to cloud protection. You can also make the most of access control for structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files, and storage containers. 


  1. McAfee

McAfee’s data protection platform defends against data breaches while improving risk management and proving compliance. Its products extend from device to cloud and also provide a set of consistent data loss prevention (DLP) policies. 


After all, it all depends on which data protection tool or platform you want to implement in which layer of the database and whether you want to extend it to the cloud system or not. It’s even more crucial at present due to COVID-19, and there’s definitely a high demand for database encryption solutions. You must remember that robust encryption is a must to not only maintain your privacy but also to ensure data integrity and proper usage.


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