Penta Security Successfully Participated in Infosecurity Europe 2024

Infosecurity Europe 2024, event, ehxhibition

Penta Security Successfully Participated in Infosecurity Europe 2024

We, Penta Security, successfully concluded our participation in the Infosecurity Europe 2024 held in London, UK.

This exhibition, which was held for 3 days from Thursday, June 4th to Thursday, June 6th, is one of the largest information security exhibitions in Europe showcasing cutting-edge technologies and top-tier products from information security companies as well as marking its 28th edition this year. The event also featured a conference where global security experts shared their insights on management strategies, policies, regulations, standards, risk management, technology, and the latest trends in the security market.

Infosecurity Europe 2024, event, ehxhibition, Penta Security, Cloudbric

During the exhibition, Penta Security showcased the intelligent Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) solutions WAPPLES and WAPPLES Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS)-type Web Application Firewall (WAF) Cloudbric WAF+, and its database encryption solution D’Amo.

Visitors to the Penta Security’s booth praised the lower false-positive rate and high defense efficiency against zero-day attacks of WAPPLES, WAPPLES Cloud and Cloudbric WAF+, powered by the self-developed Contents Classification and Evaluation Processing (COCEP) engine.

D’Amo also attracted significant attention with its Access Control feature to databases or encrypted columns and D’Amo Control Center (DCC), an integrated management system for the comprehensive management of encryption components across the entire infrastructure.

Infosecurity Europe 2024, event, ehxhibition, Penta Security, Cloudbric, Penta Security's Booth

We were able to demonstrate Penta Security’s superior technology in the exhibition and successfully concluded it with local companies’ significant interest in partnerships for WAAP solutions that can be applicable in both on-premises and cloud environments, as well as a SaaS type WAF solution.

 We look forward to your continued interest in Penta Security’s efforts to build a safer web environment in the future.