WAPPLES, Signature-free WAF from Penta Security Launches Major Upgrade

wapples v6.0

SEOUL, South Korea, Apr. 22, 2021 — After expanding its web application firewall distribution to public and education sectors starting in 2020 to enhance security for pandemic-safe work environments, Penta Security rolled out its WAPPLES v6.0 upgrade in addition to a new hardware lineup release. The upgrade carries the automatic addition of new detection rules to the web application firewall WAPPLES by connecting it to the WAPPLES Intelligence Center (WIC).

Based on Penta OS3, an operating system developed by Penta Security, the firewall allows configuration of the web security system to improve detection speed and stability of the hardware. Moreover, the new version supports the maintenance of the security system through its advanced intelligent logic analysis engine in addition to the machine learning-based inspection feature.

“As the pandemic continues to encourage social distancing worldwide, our contact-free support functions make it easier and safer for web security managers to tackle potential threats, reducing time spent on manual updates,” stated DS Kim, CSO of Penta Security. “We are looking forward to meeting our clients’ changing needs during and after the pandemic, and will continue to optimize our security products and services accordingly.”

Additionally, the company was recently recognized by the 2021 Cyber Security Excellence Awards and Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards as Gold Winners for its hardware products and innovative security technologies. For more information on the new upgrade, contact Penta Security’s consulting team or send a request to info@pentasecurity.com.

About Penta Security

Penta Security Systems Inc. is a leader in data, IoT, and blockchain security solutions and services. With 24 years of expertise in powering secured connections, Penta Security is the top cybersecurity vendor in Asia, as recognized by Frost & Sullivan, and APAC market share leader in the WAF industry. Penta Security continues its push for innovation as a pioneer in securing blockchain-based environments. For more information on Penta Security, visit pentasecurity.com. For partnership inquiries, email info@pentasecurity.com.