Penta Security Targets Global Market by Establishing U.S. Subsidiary

Building bridges to become a global security leader

Penta Security elected to establish the office in order to strengthen the presence of its products in the US market. Furthermore, North and Central America has become an important market for various security products and services, including data encryption and cloud security services, areas in which Penta Security specializes. Penta Security will soon launch its new cloud security service, and is currently selling its data encryption solution in over 60 countries.

Security Solutions Office

Jaeson Yoo, Head of Global Business for Penta Security, stated “It is important for a software provider to have a presence in the US.” He continued, “The software market here is very active, and our global interests are rapidly outgrowing the Asia Pacific region. We expect to use our US operations as a foundation to become one of the true global leaders in the IT security industry.”

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