Penta Security Speaker Featured at ISEC 2015

Cloud Security, What’s the Current Status?

Korea’s 9th Annual Information Security Conference (ISEC 2015) was held from September 7th to 8th at the COEX conference center in Seoul. Penta Security Systems Inc.’s Head of Cloudbric Services, Mr. Taejoon Jung, was a featured guest speaker on Day 1 of the conference. He gave a presentation introducing Security as a Service (SECaaS). The presentation was titled “The Current Status And Outlook For Cloud Security Services, SECaaS.”

The SECaaS Market

It is getting difficult for existing appliance-based products to meet the security requirements of the growing number of both personal and enterprise users moving to a cloud environment. Among cloud-based security solutions, the SECaaS market is especially expanding its presence. However, the SECaaS market in South Korea is only in its infant stage in comparison to the global market. Jung explained that due to the development of the cloud market there have been many changes in security requirements. His talk explored the current state of SECaaS and the role it has to play in the future of the cloud environment. He capped off his presentation with the introduction of  “Cloudbric.” Cloudbric is the first Web Application Firewall (WAF) offered as a SECaaS in Korea.

Cloudbric is an elite full service website security solution specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses. Setting itself apart from mainstream security vendors that prefer to charge per security feature, Cloudbric provides a full suite of website security features, such as web application firewall, CDN, SSL, DDoS protection, as a set standard.

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