Good Software (GS) Certificate, D’Amo v3.0 Certified

Application security provider, Penta Security Systems Inc. announced that its comprehensive database security solution, D’Amo (version 3.0), has acquired the Good Software (GS) certificate.

The Good Software program is conducted by the Korean Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) and is a national certification for quality among Korean software products. The criteria for successfully receiving a GS certification is based on several international standard testing procedures, which include meeting the ISO testing standards for functionality, stability, efficiency, usability, portability, performance, inter-operability, and consistency of software products.

D’Amo, Acknowledged as Good Software

As a comprehensive database security solution, D’Amo provides not only data encryption, but also access control, user encryption/decryption privilege controls, and auditing functions.

D’Amo utilizes standard international encryption algorithms to perform column-level encryption, and integrates well with various database systems without requiring excessive changes to existing programs. This combination of security features is why D’Amo has been recognized as an important product in protecting valuable data from hackers or insider leaks.

Penta Security Systems’ DB security business representative, Mr. Kyeong Myeong Baek commented, “Penta Security’s capability, technology, and product quality have been acknowledged with this GS certification. We vow to maintain the number one market share in Korea, and promise to continue helping our customers protect their confidential data.”

More about D’Amo can be found on Penta Security’s website, or you may contact regarding more detailed information on the encryption platform. Different components of D’Amo are explained in the Encryption section of the website.