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June 05, 2024


1. Data of 560 million Ticketmaster customers for sale after alleged breach

A threat actor known as ShinyHunters is selling what they claim is the personal and financial information of 560 million Ticketmaster customers on the recently revived BreachForums hacking forum for $500,000. They also contain customer credit card information, including hashed credit card numbers, the last four digits of the card numbers, credit card and authentication types, and expiration dates, with financial transactions spanning from 2012 to 2024.

Sources: Bleeping Computer, The Sydney Morning, BBC


2. Cencora data breach exposes US patient info from 11 drug companies

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is investigating a data breach that exposed sensitive information belonging to over 25,000 present and past employees. The BBC data breach, which occurred within the corporation’s pension scheme, has triggered a reaction from authorities regarding cybersecurity protocols. According to Birmingham Live, the security incident is being taken “extremely seriously” by the BBC and there is “no evidence of a ransomware attack.”

Sources: The Cyber Express, The Guardian, Cyber Daily


3.Christie disclosed a data breach after a RansomHub attack

Auction house Christie disclosed a data breach following a RansomHub cyber attack that occurred this month. According to BBC, Christie had problems in selling art and other high-value items worth an estimated $840 million due to a cyberattack. RansomHub claimed responsibility for the attack and added the company to its Tor leak site. The extortion group said they had stolen 2GB of sensitive information, including personal information belonging to at least 500,000 Christie’s clients. The group is threatening to leak the stolen data if the victim will not pay the ransom by Sunday, June 2,024.

Sources: Security Affairs, Security Week, SC Media, Bleeping Computer


4. Sav-Rx discloses data breach impacting 2.8 million Americans

Prescription management company Sav-Rx is warning over 2.8 million people in the United States that it suffered a data breach, stating that their personal data was stolen in a 2023 cyberattack. On October 8, 2023, the company identified an interruption to our computer network. As a result, the company immediately took steps to secure our systems and engaged third-party cybersecurity experts. While their systems were restored in a day, investigating whether personal data was stolen took much longer.

Sources: Bleeping Computer, Cyber Daily, SC Media, Health IT Security



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