[Security News] Data breach from Dell, Ascension, UK Armed Forces, Georgia University Ransomware attack to City of Whichita

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May 15, 2024


1. Dell warns of data breach, 49 million customers allegedly affected

Dell is warning customers of a data breach after a threat actor claimed to have stolen information for approximately 49 million customers. The computer maker began emailing data breach notifications to customers yesterday, stating that a Dell portal containing customer information related to purchases was breached. Dell states that the following information was accessed by the threat actor during the breach: Name, Physical address, Dell hardware and order information.

Sources: Bleeping Computer, Security Affairs, Security Week, Cyber Daily


2. Ascension Data Breach: Health System Says Clinical Operations Disrupted

Ascension noticed that its clinical operations were disrupted after it discovered “unusual activity” on some of its network systems on May 8th. It also said it is using security vendor Mandiant “to assist in the investigation and remediation process, and we have notified the appropriate authorities.” The organization said that it was investigating what information “if any” may have been affected by the breach.

Sources: CRN, CNN, SC Medai


3. City of Wichita breach claimed by LockBit ransomware gang

The LockBit ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for a disruptive cyberattack on the City of Wichita, which has forced the City’s authorities to shut down IT systems used for online bill payment, including court fines, water bills, and public transportation. The LockBit ransomware group added Wichita to its extortion portal, threatening to publish all stolen files on the site by May 15, 2024, unless the City pays the ransom.

Sources: Dark Reading,Bleeping Computer, Security Week


4. MoD data breach: UK armed forces’ personal details accessed in hack

The personal information of an unknown number of serving UK military personnel has been accessed in a significant data breach, the BBC understands. The hack targeted a payroll system used by the Ministry of Defence, which includes names and bank details of both current and some past armed forces members. The data, described as “personal HMRC-style information”, relates to current and former members of the Royal Navy, Army and Air Force over a period of several years. The MoD is in the process of notifying and providing support and advice to those affected, including making veterans’ organisations aware of what has happened.

Sources: BBC, Dark Reading, The Guardian, Reuters


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