How Personal Data Collection Has Exposed You!

How exposed is your personal data?


The majority of internet users are not aware that roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are harvested every day. And while data collection is important in this digitized era, letting our information ‘run wild’ on the internet can bring about lots of negative effects, too. Nowadays, what is more surprising: knowing all your personal information is just a few clicks away or meeting a person with no digital footprint?


Depending on perspective, whichever you pick, the reality is both frightening and unimaginable. While technology has improved the lives of many and still continues to contribute to the greater good, have we ever stop to ponder the downside that comes along with it?


Conveniently, the majority of people accept that is the way of life now. But do you know just how exposed you are? Thanks to the two silicon valley giants, Facebook and Google, we have little to no room of secrecy anymore. Our data is definitely out there for the grab in a virtual space known as the internet. The challenge is getting the right set of tools and skillsets.


What should you do?


When a problem is identified, next would be to consider the options. A piece of generic advice we all might receive at some point is to be aware of the information you shared. While true to its core, how can we differentiate what to and what not to share?


A more concrete start can be preventive measures like encryption software. Whether you’re managing a multinational corporation or just a startup business, never forget about data security. Data is the modern-day asset. And GDPR is here to remind us not to treat those personal data lightly. The right encryption software can help save you millions of dollars of fine in the future.


Cheaper and affordable options are always available by punching in a few keywords on the Google search engine. Most I come across to be reasonable and even free under certain terms and conditions are lightweight encryption software that works on either Windows operating system or available for mobiles only.


For a more thorough protection package that is securing the database, consider MyDiamo. It can be deployed on both Linux and Windows OS and is created especially for the open-source DBMS.


As a user of the free internet, it is our rights to demand our data be shared or used with precaution. How exposed we become not only depends on what we choose to share but how the collectors choose to manage them. Corporate and individual can learn to act responsibly so everyone can have a safe and secure digital footprint.