Cloudbric VPN App v2.0 for iOS/Mac has been released

VPN, Cloudbric VPN, cloudbric, penta Security, v2.0 for ios, Mac

Cloudbric VPN App v2.0 for iOS/Mac has been released

We- at Penta Security- are excited to announce the release of the Cloudbric VPN v2.0, a security app service crafted by Penta Security. Those who are using iOS and Mac can enjoy Cloudbric VPN v2.0.


About Cloudbric VPN v2.0 for iOS/Mac

📌 How to Update to Cloudbric VPN v2.0

The Cloudbric VPN v2.0 for iOS/Mac requires a new installation from the provider, Penta Security Inc., rather than updating from the previous version provided by Cloudbric.

VPN, Cloudbric VPN, cloudbric, penta Security, v2.0 for iOS, Mac

Note. App Developer was changed from Cloudbric to Penta Security Inc.

The new and previous versions can be distinguished by the developer name listed on the App Store. Install the ‘Cloudbric VPN 2.0’ app provided by developer ‘Penta Security Inc.’ from the App Store.

👉 Download Cloudbric VPN v2.0 for iOS


📌 Termination of support for Old Version (Cloudbric VPN v1.0)

With the release of Cloudbric VPN v2.0 for iOS/Mac, support for the previous version (‘Cloudbric VPN’ versions prior to 2.0) will end on June 24, 2024. If you have been using Cloudbric VPN on iOS/Mac, please ensure to install the new ‘Cloudbric VPN 2.0’ app for continued service.


New features of Cloudbric VPN v2.0
Cloudbric VPN, VPN, v2.0, penta security, cloudbric

      • Expanded Server Support

        Cloudbric VPN v2.0 enhances accessibility by extending support to 35 countries, with the addition of 25 new countries alongside the existing 10.


      • UI UpgradeVPN, Cloudbric VPN, cloudbric, penta Security, v2.0
        The UI of Cloudbric VPN has been improved. With new features- such as ‘search bar’ and ‘favorite’, users can quickly, and easily connect to the desired server. The ‘recommended server’ feature notifies the most suitable server based on the users’ connection environment.
      • Introduction of Paid Plan
        VPN, Cloudbric VPN, cloudbric, penta Security, v2.0
        To diversify our service offerings, we have introduced a paid plan alongside the existing free plan. This addition provides users with more options and brings enhanced server stability and service usability.


📌 Download the Cloudbric VPN

You can download the latest version of Cloudbric VPN from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
(The PC version is available on the Cloudbric VPN page of the Cloudbric Website.)
* Paid plan is available for purchase ONLY through the mobile app.

👉 Download for iOS

👉 Download for Android

👉 Download for Windows


Key Features of the Cloudbric VPN

Cloudbric VPN establishes a secure and private internet environment by building an encrypted virtual tunnel between the device of the user and the internet to protect users’ information. Developed by Penta Security, an encryption expert company, it ensures safe online activities across various devices.

      • Enhanced Security
        Developed by Penta Security, an encryption expert company, Cloudbric VPN ensures safe online activities across various devices.
      • Strict No-Log Policy
        Cloudbric VPN prioritizes user privacy with its strict No-Log Policy, ensuring that no personal information or online activity records are collected, providing users with a truly private internet usage environment.
      • Fast Internet Speed
        Utilizing the high-performance WireGuard® protocol, Cloudbric VPN minimizes internet speed reduction.
      • Private DNS
        By using its own DNS (Private VPN), Cloudbric VPN offers enhanced protection for user’s online activities.
      • Affordable Pricing
        Paid plan of Cloudbric VPN is approximately 30-5o% cheaper compared to other major VPN services. Users can reduce the monthly subscription cost while ensuring greater protection of their online activity information.
      • User-Friendly Interface
        A user-friendly and intuitive interface of Cloudbric VPN allows users to connect to their desired server seamlessly with just a single click.

📌 Learn More About the Cloudbric VPN
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Penta Security will strive to improve the Cloudbric VPN for a faster and more secure environment optimized for users. Developed by encryption experts, Cloudbric VPN allows you to enjoy a safe and unrestricted online environment anytime, anywhere.