Best SECaaS Solution for SME Websites

Whenever you hear the word ‘security’’, you might imagine a room full of cybersecurity experts with supercomputers that handle attacks from hackers, or even imagine government agencies or military bases trying to tackle national security issues. But surprisingly, IT security is just one of the many solutions that protect the system, and it can be easily deployed in small to large scales by utilizing just a few security measures. 



Website Hackings

As you can see via our daily news clipping or security weekly newsletters, real cyberattacks occur in various formats. Small-sized online shopping sites, small business websites, and even personal blogs can become a target for small to big cyberattacks. In other words, most websites can be the target of cyberattacks. According to Netcraft’s survey, there are more than 1.2 billion websites around the world. Assuming that the world’s population is about 7.5 billion, 1 out of 7 people own or run a website. Hackers aim for any websites regardless of the size, however, it’s true that we only get to hear about severe and massive threats and attacks from the media. 



SECaaS, The Ultimate Security Solution for Small Websites

So what can be applied to small to medium-sized business websites or even private blogs and websites as a security measure? Adopting SECaaS (Security as a Service) can definitely be one of the most affordable and useful ways. 

When you come across SECaaS, just consider it as a web-based security solution that is delivered via the cloud. It’s often built on the pay-per-use costing model so it has been enjoying much popularity thanks to its affordability and ease of use for security beginners. 

It basically provides a cloud-type security service that includes a web firewall, network security, email security, encryption, and identity management. In general, there are 2 major factors you must consider when it comes to website security. First is the web firewall that detects and blocks hacking attacks from accessing the website. The second is encryption, which prevents websites from exploitation if any security measures have been breached. 



Tips for Choosing the Right SECaaS

What factors should be considered when choosing SECaaS? First of all, you need to choose a solution that is interoperable. If the new SECaaS collides with the existing solutions, it might even raise the possibility of exposure to hackers. In addition, it’s important to review whether the solution provides logs for key security issues and if their customer service is reliable and helpful. 



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