Penta Security Launches a New Rule Group for AWS WAF, Anonymous IP Protection

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Penta Security, a leading cyber security company and provider of web application security in the Asia-Pacific region, has launched a new managed rule group, Cloudbric Managed Rules for AWS WAF – Anonymous IP Protection (Anonymous IP Protection), on April 30th.

Cloudbric Managed Rules for AWS WAF are collections of pre-defined, ready-to-use rules provided and maintained by Penta Security that can be implemented on AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) to boost the AWS WAF management experience for the users.

The newly released Anonymous IP Protection is designed to detect and respond to Anonymous IPs originating from various sources including VPNs, data centers, DNS proxies, Tor networks, relays, and P2P networks, preventing threats such as geo-location-based frauds, DDoS attacks, and licenses and copyrights infringement.

Penta Security’s technical expertise in AWS WAF has been recognized through its selection as a launch partner for AWS WAF Ready Program, and the performance of Cloudbric Managed Rules for AWS WAF, provided by Penta Security, has recently been validated for its excellence through a comparative test by the Tolly Group.

Taejoon Jung, Director of Planning Department at Penta Security, stated, ”We hope that the newly launched Anonymous IP Protection can provide some assistance in addressing the ever-increasing cyber threats.” He added, “We plan to continuously release more managed rule groups for AWS WAF in the future that can effectively encounter the evolving range of cyber threats as a part of our effort to establish ourselves as a global cyber security leader.”

With the launch of Anonymous IP Protection, the managed rule group brand of Penta Security previously known as “Cloudbric Rule Set” has been rebranded to “Cloudbric Managed Rules,” which will continue to be available for subscription on the AWS Marketplace.


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