Penta Security Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of “D’Amo” the First Data Encryption Solution in Korea

The First Data Encryption Solution in Korea Reaches 10 years

Since 2004, more than 2100 customers have chosen “D’Amo,” the top data encryption solution in Korea with 46% market share in the public sector for the past three years. 

Data encryption and web security provider Penta Security Systems Inc. (CEO/Founder Seokwoo Lee, marked the 10th anniversary of its data encryption solution D’Amo on March 27, 2014.

Ever since its inception in 1997, Penta Security has carried out major security information infrastructure projects such as Government Public Key Infrastructure (GPKI) and National Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI). Based on the valuable experiences gained through such projects, Penta developed D’Amo, the comprehensive data encryption and access control solution. D’Amo has since become a valuable brand and commercial solution, as the first data encryption solution in South Korea.

When D’Amo was first released, the data encryption business in Korea was difficult, primarily because users did not understand the importance of data security, and because most companies did not feel the need to secure their data. Even when customers encrypted data, profitability was low for security technology providers, since system integration took an inordinate amount of time and consumed too much manpower. This resulted in a business environment where both service providers and customers were reluctant to carry out IT security projects.

In response to this environment, D’Amo, a solution packaged as a product, could provide database encryption optimized for customers’ systems, with simplified post-sales technical support. However, it did take some time to educate end-users, since a majority of the administrators of companies were not familiar with this type of a solution.

As successful deployment cases increased, customers began to recognize D’Amo’s security features and reliability as an IT security solution.. D’Amo has since become the representative data encryption solution in Korea. Penta Security has invested substantial R&D resources through its own security technology research center, to continue to build upon its encryption source technology. Penta Security has also improved the product’s reliability by obtaining various patents related to data encryption, such as index column encryption method, query processing system and method for database with encrypted columns by query encryption transformation, order-preserving encryption, format-preserving encryption, etc. The company has also obtained various domestic and international certificates (NIST FIPS certificate, Certification from the South Korean National Intelligence Service, etc.). Penta Security began exporting its products into the global market in 2006 while retaining its place as a market leader in the Korean market.


D’Amo supports almost all DBMS environments, and has been deployed at over 1,200 customer sites, as of February 2014. According to the cumulative statistics provided by Korea Public Procurement Service, D’Amo was ranked number one among DBMS encryption solutions, with 46% market share, based on the amount of orders received from 2011 to 2013.

Penta Security CTO Duk Soo Kim said, “The Personal Information Protection Act has gone into effect, and there have been many incidents related to personal information leakage. For these reasons, data encryption solutions have been very hot in the market. Therefore, a number of domestic and international security companies and vendors have been jumping into the data security market. The fierce competition is one of the reasons why D’Amo cannot be complacent with what we have accomplished so far.”

He continued, “We won’t make a product that will mislead customers, and we will not be swayed by the market. We will continue to improve the technology of D’Amo, so that it can continue to be recognized as a great product for its security and stability. With that said, we are very proud to have created a 10-year old solution. Once again, we would like to thank everyone who has trusted and used D’Amo.”