MyDiamo, A MySQL DB Encryption Solution, Expands Into European Healthcare Data Security Market

MyDiamo Europen Healthcare

The risks of healthcare data breaches include breaches of millions of records, third-party vendors and phishing attacks behind the incidents. Unfortunately, the implementation of encryption in the healthcare industry has lagged behind where it needs to be.

During the first half of 2019, more than double the number of breaches in 2018 occurred according to Protenus and Egress Report. Nearly half was due to incorrect disclosure of data, and the least was at 5% which was due to providing data in response to phishing attacks. This leaves 2019 possibly the worst seen for healthcare cyber and data security. 

Since healthcare records are exposed to a higher risk of cybercrimes, data breaches, and identity thefts due to the direct exposure of personal data for sale on the black market, this allows attackers to already set their plans in motion right after the theft which makes it even more vulnerable than financial data breach incidents. 


Cyber and data security are vitally important across every industry, however, when it comes to healthcare, it needs an additional layer of concern for importance and complexity. Data leakage incidents are plaguing and still, not many are equipped to implement encryption to prevent breaches. In order to prevent healthcare data from breaches, all data must be encrypted whereby electronic medical records (EHR) are disguised and that unauthorized users must not be able to access. After the basic data encryption, it is critical to encrypt different levels of the system to perfectly secure that no data can be used for theft or fraud. 

MyDiamo, Penta Security’s high performing column-level encryption solution with a seamless installation process without service interruption, is the first-ever open-source database encryption solution that addresses the need to secure open-source database management systems, but with minimal cost. MyDiamo has expanded its offerings to PostgreSQL in 2018, in addition to its existing platforms, MySQL and MariaDB. Moreover, Penta Security had also begun to offer NGOs free unlimited usage of the solution.

Since the rise in security solutions across the countries, Penta Security has seen a dramatic increase in assorted industries looking to apply security solutions to databases. With business bundling opportunities increasing in Europe, MyDiamo has successfully enhanced various industries, including the healthcare industry in Italy with Eventi Telemaciti, an Italian software solutions provider that provides cancer data analysis products and services to medical organizations across the globe, followed by Barilstituto, and MaltaMDH in Malta. Furthermore, in the human resources management industry in Bulgaria, and the financial payment applications industry in France. 

“The reason behind the demand in Europe is indeed quite simple,” said DS Kim, Chief Strategy Officer at Penta Security. “GDPR and its ability to reach over to other regions’ healthcare regulatory bodies like HIPAA and CCPA is crucial. However, even with the implementation, the number of breaches hasn’t decreased significantly. For these reasons, we are looking forward to bundling more with providers in Europe for high-quality encryption solutions that will simply prevent data, through its unique and smart encryption solution, against brutal breaches.” 

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