Integrated DB Server Management Tool: ISign+

Penta Security Systems’ ISign+ is an authentication security solution. It integrates an authentication server, database server, management console, and policy server into one appliance.

Other existing authentication security solutions that include Single Sign-On (SSO) require separate installation and deployment of the servers listed above. The strong point of ISign+ is the shortened deployment period and cost. This is done mainly by integrating everything into one appliance. The technology of ISign+ can be implemented to a cloud environment easily. Not only are related servers, but also the authentication security interface can be implemented to the cloud, maximizing enterprise resources.

However, Penta Security System provides ICF Intelligent Service (CIS) that upgrades and patches the software in real-time by monitoring services. Penta Security explained, “The software can maintain the latest version and the service can be free from all the ATP, web, and DDoS attacks that have become much more sophisticated.” All information about the environment and status of SSO agents, installed in each business server, is saved and managed in the built-in DB. As a result, response to an error is immediate in case of a failure touj a related server.

Also, the tremendous amount of data exchanged between applications during the deployment of an SSO solution is executed by the Data Sync Manager, thereby eliminating the need for internal developers. ISign+ complies with SAML2.0, the international standard, so that it supports mobile and almost all business environments, including Google Apps and

A need for authentication security solutions

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) announced its top 10 web application vulnerabilities, with missing function level access control, broken authentication and session management among them. The invalid authentication and session management system has recently emerged as one of the hottest security issues.

ISign+ provides strengthened authentication through secure token and session encryption, with verified encryption modules developed by Penta Security R&D center. Therefore, ISign+ can respond to these threats effectively.