Cryptography Experts of Penta Security Release PALLET Z, A Digital Asset Management Solution for Enterprises



SEOUL, South Korea | Penta Security Systems Inc. has officially launched PALLET Z, the world’s first rugged book cold wallet for enterprises, following PALLET X, which launched in March. PALLET Z is a digital asset management solution that utilizes a hardware security module based on PALLET framework, a crypto algorithm blockchain protocol developed by Penta Security. 

Along with PALLET Card and PALLET Bridge, Penta Security managed to demonstrate its 22-year experience in cybersecurity and cryptography by releasing the safest enterprise-level digital asset management environment.




Built upon a common technical foundation, PALLET framework, PALLET Z is designed to protect against the biggest asset management threats, critical for maximizing systematic efficiency in managing digital assets.

PALLET Z is best optimized for institutions that are not only in need of the Two-Factor Authentication function for rigorous asset management but also Segregation of Duties (SoD) function that prevents any independent asset abuse and a smooth payment system for transaction transmissions. It allows users to block all external access by separating from all network environments except PALLET Z Card, including blocking access of all untrusted devices and preventing against independent wallet restoration through Secret Sharing function. Together, the features and keys are operated in a trusted execution environment (TEE) that enables 6 multi-functions including multi-signature and multi-party computation. 

PALLET Z was first introduced at Fintech & Blockchain 2019 Japan this month in Tokyo. At the event, Penta Security seized the opportunity to showcase PALLET products and explained usage through demonstration. 

“With an increasing number of countries accelerating blockchain development, we’re more than thrilled to be introducing PALLET products across the world,” said SangGyoo Sim, CTO of Penta Security. “As the top cybersecurity vendor in Asia, we’re hoping to initiate the movement towards the DeFi ecosystem with digital asset management, node, and custody services via our PALLET products.” 


About Penta Security

Penta Security Systems Inc. is a leader in data, IoT, and blockchain security solutions and services. With 22 years of expertise in powering secured connections, Penta Security is the top cybersecurity vendor in Asia, as recognized by Frost & Sullivan, and APAC market share leader in the WAF industry. Penta Security continues its push for innovation as a pioneer in securing blockchain-based environments. For more information on Penta Security, visit For partnership inquiries, email Experts of Penta Security Release PALLET Z, A Digital Asset Management Solution for Enterprises

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