Here’s Why 5G Matters to You Too: Security and Fairness

The era of 5G is finally here. We bet you’ve been alerted about the inconvenience of it – that it’s unreasonably expensive and hence the unworthiness. But if you’ve been around long enough, it was just as confusing when 4G was first introduced back in 2009. 5G will settle soon as it did – and without a doubt, that’s when 6G will be introduced and 5G will have fallen from the mass appeal before you even realize it.

Okay, we admit it. There are concerns regarding the expansion and commercialization of 5G. First of all, everything now is focused on its phase in IoT, which to some extent is a faraway future or even unrealistic for most people. However, 5G isn’t just about its speed – but more about its improved latency. Hence 5G is a hot topic for businesses in fields like heavy equipment and hazardous material disposal remote controls, and medical treatments. Real-time in this sense does not necessarily mean simultaneity but means accuracy and strictness of commands.

Unless you’re very much engaged in the IoT field, it is hard to notice the big difference, just yet. By the time Google or Apple commercialized one of its gaming apps, that’s exactly when you will. But we promise you that sooner or later, you will feel the big transformation approaching you, to some extent, which will even change your everyday life.

But why should you care about 5G right now?

5G Threat 1. Security

It’s nothing new to us that 5G has its security challenges. Unlike existing networks, 5G networks are based on an open and flexible nature and network slicing architecture. Simply put, all sorts of data can go amongst all base stations.

This is why having the right “security” system is the utmost competitive power for 5G businesses. There is no doubt that the service they provide will gain brilliancy thanks to 5G and IoT – however, without a strong security system, which can lead to dreadful accidents for some, the entire business will most definitely fall apart. This is where blockchain and encryption come in because 5G is basically IoT as you know it.

5G Threat 2. Fairness

The reason why we expect it to be even more difficult for 5G – is unhappy customers. If we – as customers – want to enjoy 5G as much as possible, then it’d need an excessive amount of data for data communications itself, which will end up at great cost for everyone.

However, it’s not only about the cost either – let’s look at cars here.

‘Cars and Driving’ in the era of 5G means ‘Data-driven cars’. It solely relies on data communications and all the driving data will be used as essential materials for future services we ought to enjoy. Basically, data here, becomes the fuel to drive the entire 5G-era automotive-related industries. Therefore our driving data has commercial value. But what if you had to pay for the services that are basically managed by the data that you provided in the first place?

More surprisingly and shockingly, it’s not only about ‘driving’ data.

Every single data that the user has created can bring up various copyright issues. The only way to resolve this issue is to fairly give rights to the data providers from the beginning. Only clean and filtered data should be traded in the market. And as explained, this is when blockchain technology comes in.

But who gets to decide the price? Let’s leave it up to the market – for now.