Infographic: What Connected Car Data Reveals About You

With the need for sustainable transportation bigger than ever, it’s only a matter of time before all modes of mobility from our personal cars to public buses and trains will adopt smart abilities. Already, most modern cars are delivered to consumers with built-in digital control hubs that allow drivers to track their location, sync their contacts, and monitor their personal driving habits. In the future, cars will evolve into sophisticated cruisers that keep you on the road, automatically and entertained – all via the power and potential of data.

So what kind of data is created and managed by today’s connected cars? See the infographic below to learn about the dynamics surrounding connected car data.

Ultimately, as automotive intelligence grows, effective security measures will be necessary to prevent sensitive data from leaking outside accepted boundaries. For more information, see our pages on smart car security and the total intelligent transportation security solution AutoCrypt.

connected cars data infographic

This infographic was first published on and provided by Zebra.