Penta Security Opens New IoT Research and Development Center

Called PICL, the lab will focus on new industry and service models based on ICBM

Penta Security Systems Inc., an IT security industry leader in data encryption and web security, announced that it has established its new IoT Research and Development (R&D) center. The center is called the Penta IoT Convergence Lab (PICL). It opened officially on April 15th.

The Korean government’s recent IT policies primarily focus on the development of new industry and service models based on ICBM (IoT, Cloud, BigData, Mobile). Amongst the ICBM, IoT has been receiving the most attention. IoT-related issues, such as the importance of patents and intellectual property rights, mitigation of regulation, and improvements to the legal system are currently being discussed. There is an increased interest in several industries including healthcare, smart city and agricultural life. Nevertheless, IoT research is till inadequate with the demand for products.

Penta IoT Convergence Lab

The new IoT research center

PICL, the second R&D center from Penta Security, was established to research technology and develop new products on the new convergent security areas, with a special emphasis on IoT research. PICL will focus on adapting to the new IT environment, using encryption technology that Penta Security owns. The lab is an R&D organization specializing in information security, which is necessary to all IoT environments.

The IoT research lab will develop security technology for smart cars, smart homes, authentication and encryption of IoT devices and infrastructure. Consequently, Penta Security’s existing R&D center will continue to develop technology for WAPPLES, D’Amo, and ISign+, all of which have already been recognized as competitive solutions in the security market.

PICL is planning to concentrate on IT security technology for the future. The opening day, April 15 was chosen in honor of Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday.

Penta Security CTO Duk Soo Kim expressed:

“PICL is specializing in convergent security, with IoT as the center. We are going to research new technologies and produce products that are essential to our society, as they relate to the various fields including smart car security, authentication between IoT, lightweight encryption, big data security, machine learning and much more. We expect PICL to be truly the top IoT security R&D center in South Korea.”

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