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Penta Security Debuts V2G Security Solution for E-mobility Market to Secure Electric Vehicle Charging

AutoCrypt V2G helps address the urgent security needs in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and payment systems, amid hiking sales forecasts for the electric car market. SEOUL, South Korea | E-mobility, or electric mobility, is projected to mark the next significant paradigm shift in the transportation industry, providing growth opportunities not only for electric vehicle manufacturers, […]

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Penta Security Partners with Talenta to Accelerate Crypto Asset Security

Penta Security Systems Inc. is expanding the reach of its advanced security solutions for cryptocurrency environments via a newly established partnership with Talenta. SEOUL, South Korea | Penta Security, a leader in IoT, cloud, and blockchain security solutions and services, is partnering with Talenta, a Singapore-based consulting service for blockchain and fintech projects, to bring advanced security […]

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Penta Security Partners with Ukraine-based MUK for New Market Entry

SEOUL, South Korea | Penta Security Systems Inc., a leading Web and Data security provider in the Asian-Pacific region, expands its growing global presence to the Eastern European and Central Asian security market through a partnership with Ukraine-based distributor of IT solutions, MUK Group. In recent years, Ukraine has experienced several large cyber attacks that have mainly targeted public infrastructure: […]


Penta to Safeguard Token Exchanges Against Hacking

Penta Security Systems Inc. closes the security gap in the blockchain industry with CryptoXchange, a security solution for token exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges are highly vulnerable. Coinrail, Korea’s 7th largest domestic exchange by transaction volume, suffered losses amounting to an estimated 40 billion won in a hacking incident that took place just last month on June 11. Thereafter, similar […]


WAPPLES 5.0 Upgrade Release

SEOUL, South Korea | Penta Security Systems Inc., a leading Web and Data security provider in the Asian-Pacific region, announced the launch of its new, upgraded Web Application Firewall (WAF), WAPPLES v.5.0. In a digital era of increased hacking attempts and fear in the digital space, the company saw a need to boost its detection functions. Boasting […]

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Penta Security Systems Unveils Plans for Reverse ICO, “AMO” Data Market for Automotive Industry

On April 24, Penta Security Systems CEO, Seokwoo Gregory Lee, officially announced the company’s entrance into the blockchain industry with its IoT and automotive security solutions, AutoCrypt®, AuthentiCA®, and Penta CryptoWallet™ — a reverse ICO concept called AMO Market.   The growing advancement and popularity of connected cars and autonomous vehicles are taking the automotive […]