Penta Security History

Specializing in web and data security

Data is transferred through applications, the prime environment for which is the Web. Communications technology, system environments, user interfaces – all existing IT technologies are being integrated into the Web, and all future applications will undergo development and usage in Web environments. This ongoing Web integration is creating a more and more interconnected and open society, and will change cyber security history.

We have been striving to provide trust for open societies since 1997, and we continue to strive to make a better future for the digital era ahead.

waf market leader penta security history


  • 02 Started smart factory and smart metering security solutions, Penta Smart Factory Security and Penta Smart Metering Security
  • 01 Sysone obtains contract for distribution for security solutions


  • 06 “Encryption” book published and released
  • 10 Genuine Product Authentication solution, D’Amo SEAL (D’EAL) released
  • 06 Selected as Asian Cyber Security Vendor of the Year by Frost & Sullivan
  • 06 AutoCrypt selected as provider for authentication system for next-generation ITS businesses
  • 05 “D’Amo KMS Enhanced Security Package released
  • 01 Partnership announced with DSR to provide “STAR Cloud Security Service SCSS-WAF”


  • 11 WAPPLES WAF becomes APAC market share leader(2015 Frost IQ Report)
  • 08 “AutoCrypt,” the intelligent vehicle security solution, launches in Korea
  • 06 “Cloudbric,” the cloud-based WAF service, released in Korea
  • 04 Penta IoT Convergence Lab established
  • 04 WAPPLES V-Series G-Cloud, optimized version released
  • 03 “Image File Encryption Solution” released
  • 01 “Cloudbric,” the cloud-based WAF service, released globally


  • 07 U.S.A. subsidiary established (Penta Security Systems Corporation)
  • 03 Penta Security becomes the first in Korea to establish vehicle communication technology meeting all IEEE 1609.2 compliance standards


  • 10 WCSP (WAPPLES Cloud Service Platform) established in Japan
  • 07 WAPPLES Management Portal (WMP), real-time analysis service, released
  • 03 MyDiamo, engine-level encryption solution for MySQL, released
  • 01 Penta Systems Technology, Inc. obtains contract for distribution for SSO solution, “ISign+”


  • 11 D’Amo for SAP patented in Japan
  • 08 ACA Pacific (Indonesia) obtains contract for distribution
  • 05 KIMIDATA obtains domestic distribution contract for DB Encryption Solution, D’Amo
  • 04 WAPPLES obtains patent in Japan
  • 01 D’Amo obtains patent in Japan


  • 04 Key management server, for DB Encryption “D’Amo SG-KMS” launched
  • 03 Singapore’s Quantiq and Thailand’s BlueZebra obtain distribution contracts


  • 01 Japanese subsidiary (Penta Security Systems K.K.) established


  • 07 D’Amo for DB2 released
  • 05 D’Amo for SG released
  • 04 Japanese corporation, QUEST obtains contract for distribution for WAPPLES


  • 10 D’Amo for SQL Server released
  • 07 Branch office in Japan established
  • 05 Daishin Information Communications obtains contract for domestic distribution for WAPPLES


  • 04 Web Application Firewall “WAPPLES” released


  • 12 Enterprise in Japanese market established (D’Amo agency contracted)
  • 03 DB Encryption Solution product “D’Amo” released


  • 09 Government Public Key Infrastructure(GPKI) system for Korea established


  • 09 EAM Solution, “ISign“ released


  • 07 First in Korea to launch a database security enterprise


  • 08 Penta Security Technology Laboratory established
  • 08 Intrusion Detection System (IDSs) “Siren” released
  • 01 PKI Solution “ISSAC” released


  • 08  Cooperation with Pohang University of Science and Technology for information security technology research
  • 07 Penta Security Systems, Inc. founded