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Smart and Creative Ways for Setting Easy and Robust Passwords

When setting up passwords for online accounts, how many times…
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Infographic: Security Trends and Risks in the 3rd Quarter of 2019

Wondering about the most recent trends in web security? See the…
JAN Week 4_Security Weekly (2)

[Security Weekly] Microsoft Security Breach Exposed Records of 250 Million Customers

4th Week of January 2020   1. Microsoft discloses security…
State-Sponsored Cyberwarfare

State-Sponsored Cyberwarfare: Can We Defend Our World from Chaos?

As globalization continues to integrate the world economy, it…
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[Security Weekly] Get ready! Time to Brace for Cyberattacks from Iran

3rd Week of January 2020  1. U.S. Government and experts…
CCPA - Penta Security

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): Your Last Chance to Get Ready

It’s 2020! At the fresh start of this new decade, where 5G…
Web application firewall

Web Security, Almost the Entire Cybersecurity in the World

Most of the systems operate via applications and web applications…
APAC map

3 Cyber Attack Trends to Hit Asia-Pacific in 2020

As we head into a new decade, there’s no doubt that there will…
EV charging

IoT, Connected Car, and ‘Transport Security’

As the IoT technology advances, we start to wonder if the security…

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