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How to Be Your Own Security Expert

January is a great time to start a new habit. In fact, research…
connected car data

How Valuable Is Your Connected Car Data?

This month is all about data privacy as we celebrate Data…
privacy statement gdpr

What Should A Privacy Statement Be Composed Of?

With Data Privacy Day quickly approaching, it’s that time…
lost bitcoin recover

Why Recovering Lost Bitcoin Is So Difficult...But What You Can Do Anyway

Those who jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon early on and invested…
iphone x biometric face ID

iPhone X’s Facial Recognition…Trendy Feature or Security Issue?

Undoubtedly, iPhone X was one of the hottest tech devices…
top botnets 2017

Top 5 Botnets of 2017

While data breaches and other cyberattacks made major news…
store cryptocurrency safely wallet bitcoin

Storing Cryptocurrency and Keeping It Safe From Hackers

Just weeks ago, Bitcoin surpassed the $10,000 mark for the…
aep (advanced endpoint protection)

What is AEP (Advanced Endpoint Protection)?

Although they were once considered reliable and accessible,…
session replay attacks-2

What Are Session Replay Attacks?

According to Bleeping Computer, 483 of Alexa’s top 50,000…

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