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Why the Education Industry May Be a Hacker's #1 Target

Most readers of the news are no strangers to the cyberattacks…
women in cybersecurity five colorful

The Women Running the Cybersecurity Industry

In 2013, Frost & Sullivan published a report that stated…
search engine magnifying glass and a lock security overlapping venn diagram

SEO and Security: Exploring the Overlaps

When it comes to a company’s website, it’s a no-brainer that…
GDPR Consent and User Data Mining

GDPR: Keeping the Value Exchange Alive

The informational world is an economy, and the content that…
Digital Waves

Uncovering Threats to Data Integrity Embedded in AI

AI and IoT integrations in intelligent transport systems, smart…
non password authentication fingerprint biometrics green turquoise

No Passwords Required? The Trends of Non-Password Authentication

In the past we’ve talked quite a bit about authentication and…
ev charging vulnerabilities

What Smart Grid Security Vulnerabilities Could Mean for the Energy Sector

Five years ago, Ofer Shezaf, founder of OWASP Israel, shared…

SSL-Ready? How to check your SSL settings, step by step

We all know how important SSL is, and in the slew of security…

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