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trickbot malware

TrickBot: The Picky Malware

It’s often assumed that malware is created to spread to as many recipients, as quickly as possible. With email and social media being the main channels for the spread, you might think that malware infects its victims randomly. However, that’s not always the case. Some malware go after the big fish, targeting only a specific […]

biometrics in action

Biometrics in Action: Where Are Popular Forms of Authentication Being Used?

We’ve discussed the differences between two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) in a blog post over at Cloudbric, and one of the differentiating factors discussed was inherence factors. Inherence factors are criteria that relate to “something you are,” and therefore include identifiable biometric characteristics — iris scans, fingerprints, voice authentication all fall under this […]

website security plugins limitations

The Limitations of Website Security Plugins

If you’re a website owner, you’re probably using a myriad of plugins either to add additional functionalities to your website or simply enhance its aesthetics. You might even be using a security plugin on your site. However, though affordable and convenient, website security plugins may cause complications and may not even be protecting your site […]

iot security importance for all

Why You Should Care About IoT Security

You might not be one of the two-thirds of Americans currently owning and utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) devices, so news on IoT security may not pique your interest or alarm you, but it should. IoT security affects you in more ways than you realize. With IoT quickly progressing, it’s not just the number of […]

detect and respond cybersecurity

The Flaws with Detect and Respond

There has been a lot of discussion around Detect and Respond but there remains a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings about this particular cyber security framework. Many companies hold the notion that perfect security isn’t achievable, and perhaps they’ve given up hope on blocking cyber attacks through preventive measures. Therefore, most flock to Detect and […]

Medical Devices With Exposed Vulnerabilities

5 Medical Devices with Exposed Vulnerabilities

The medical field has changed for the better, with technology allowing people to live longer and lead healthier lives with fewer health complications. Unfortunately, as medical devices become more advanced with the Internet of Things (IoT) introduced into the picture, security concerns arise. It wasn’t just the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that demonstrated the vulnerability […]

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