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Best SME Security Solution at 2016 SC Magazine Awards Europe

Cloudbric recognized for its Web Application Firewall (WAF) and website analytics features,
designed for small to mid-sized businesses

Seoul, Korea: On June 7th, Penta Security Systems announced that Cloudbric, its full-service website security solution, was chosen as the winner of the Best SME Security Solution in the Industry Leaders category at the 2016 SC Magazine Awards Europe. The award was presented at the annual SC Awards Gala. It was held this year at the stunning Old Billingsgate venue in London. Penta Security was present along with other competitive industry names such as Sophos and Barracuda Networks.

penta security global team at sc magazines holding award

Each year, a panel of IT security experts from the private and public sectors reviews hundreds of entries. They narrow the field down to a select group of finalists. The finalists then go through a rigorous, in-depth analysis that includes applicable research, analyst reports, and/or product reviews. Cloudbric was selected as this year’s winner in Best SME Security Solution. The decision was made after a thorough and comprehensive analysis of each finalist.

“It is so important to encourage and praise innovation, recognize those who raise the bar, and reward exemplars who facilitate best practice. Cloudbric is a great example of this within the industry,” remarked Tony Morin, Editor in Chief, SC Magazine UK.

Best SME Security Solution

With Cloudbric, all customers receive comprehensive website protection features including a Web Application Firewall (WAF), CDN, and SSL, as well as timely and attentive customer support regardless of the payment plan. Especially the WAF, utilizing Penta Security’s patented logic-analysis engine, COCEP™ (Contents Classification and Evaluation Processing), provides customers with deeper assurance in their website protection. Additionally, with the Cloudbric dashboard, users can easily manage their businesses with more reliable numbers. This allows them to make more informed marketing and budgeting decisions. The judges of the SC Magazine Awards Europe agreed that the entry was a strong response.

Head of Planning at Penta Security Systems, Duk Soo Kim stated,security solution winner award banner for european awards in 2016

“Through its 19-year-history, Penta Security has sought to bring quality, unrivaled web security to the global market. This was further confirmed for us after reception of the Cyber Defense Magazine Awards back in March for our WAF, WAPPLES, and open source DB encryption solution, MyDiamo. Now, Cloudbric joins the ranks, and we look forward to its continued achievements worldwide.”

About Cloudbric

Cloudbric is an elite full service website security solution specifically designed for IT novices, entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses. First launched in 2015, Cloudbric is based on the enterprise level Web Application Firewall by Penta Security Systems, a global information security firm headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Penta Security has served more than 3,100 customers for over eleven years. For more information on Cloudbric’s web security service, please visit or contact support(at)cloudbric(dot)com.

About SC Magazine

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Security Solution Goes Global

A Korean solution provider is now the talk of the town by entering its security solution into 60 countries through its new ‘Dual Licensing’ security solution sales strategy.

Data encryption and web security provider Penta Security Systems Inc. (CEO/Founder Seokwoo Lee, announced that MyDiamo, Penta Security’s encryption solution for MySQL and MariaDB, has successfully entered into 60 countries with its dual license (free for personal use but not for commercial use) policy since its release in March last year.

security solution mydiamo

Most Korean IT security companies export to other countries with a sole distributor or an overseas branch office. Penta Security broke this established business model and tried a new sales strategy to reach its customers. Now, the security solution MyDiamo has entered 60 countries, including the United States, China, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and many more in just little over one year.

MyDiamo has been sold to the countries in which Penta Security has not expanded its sales network, and the number of countries that have adopted the encryption solution is the largest among all Penta Security’s products. It also has reached the largest number of countries for Korea’s formidable domestic IT security industry. In all, more than 3,600 total licenses have been downloaded.

MyDiamo, the security solution

MyDiamo is an encryption solution for MySQL and MariaDB, which are the most popular databases with the top market shares. MariaDB is a database developed by Michael Monty Widenius, the founder of MySQL. The number of MariaDB user has rapidly increased due to its improved performance over other open-source DB environments.

MyDiamo secures these popular databases with technology from Penta Security’s data encryption platform D’Amo. MyDiamo provides one-way encryption, index-column partial encryption and column-level encryption using trusted international standard encryption algorithms, such as AES. It complies with PCI-DSS and provides masking features for credit card numbers.

Duksoo Kim, CTO of Penta Security, stated “We could not remain in the small domestic market, so we had to go global. However, it was not easy to export IT security products because there were differences in distribution channels and cultures.” He continued, “Last year, the dual licensing policy we chose instead of existing sales policy has brought us this wonderful and unexpected outcome.” He added, “We are not settling for this, however, and we are preparing various strategies, including cloud computing and on-demand services, to enter the global market.”


Looking for Security Services, SMBs? Get on the Cloud

Nowadays, as more internet security incidents occur — data breaches via the web and webpage defacements — it is natural for organizations to consider introducing internet security solutions. Along with this trend, cloud-based security services are getting more attention from SMBs, which had previously regarded internet security services as not mandatory and simply cost ineffective, due to their relatively expensive introduction and management costs. This newly found interest in security is not the only motivating factor for this recent trend though. The consecutive launching of cloud-based security services by multiple service providers has accelerated the cloud security industry.

SMBs also need security services.
The cloud approach is appealing among SMBs because it requires a smaller budget and less effort to install, run, and manage the organization’s security. This is largely due to the scalability of cloud technology; companies are able to more precisely pay for the amount of resources that they need rather than have to adhere to the static capabilities and limitations of physical solutions. Considering the fact that the traditional method of security implementation requires that an organization spend many additional resources for installation, operation, monitoring, establishing countermeasures, and customization this new approach is fitting into the market perfectly.

Jaeun Sim, Director at Monitorapp, a web application firewall (WAF) provider based in Korea, which recently launched a WAF SaaS with Innogrid, stated, “Security services provided via cloud can cut down on budget costs for SMBs attempting establish a web security system. An end user now pays just about five percent what pre-existing WAF solutions are charging.”

Furthermore, several security solution providers have made alliances with large IT infrastructure hosting companies to launch joint security service packages. Ahnlab, a Korean based company famous for its antivirus solutions, provides security services for SMBs with the cooperation of LG U+, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Korea. The two remaining telecommunication giants in Korea, KT and SKT, are also offering security services through their own cloud service platforms. The security solutions offered include technologies from Ahnlab, Monitorapp, and Penta Security Systems.

Hyungseop Cho, a Manager at LG U+ explained, “Firewall, DDoS protection, IPS, and Web Application Firewalls are all offered via our cloud service in a pay-as-you-go model. Management and operational services are offered as well for SMB end users.”

These types of services are expected to grow in the future since many security professionals warn that there has been a dramatic increase in hackers attacking enterprises via their SMB-level partners. Gwangtaek Yoon, Director at Symantec Korea, said, “We have seen that attacks targeting organizations with fewer than 250 employees accounts for 31% of all hacks, a 72% increase compared to 2011.”