The Virtual WAPPLES

WAPPLES V-series is developed and provided by Penta Security and KT as a joint cloud service project.

WAPPLES V-series is a cloud security solution that protects cloud-based web applications.It is a web firewall provided as a virtualized image, not a physical appliance. The format is different, but detection, blocking, and other operations are the same with those of the existing WAPPLES.

26 COCEPs are implemented to avoid misdetection, and an intuitive GUI management tool allows users to easily establish and manage the security policy.

Penta Security is developing various SaaS security products as well as WAPPLES V-Series. Know-how and technology accumulated in the existing information security field is evolving to the cloud environment.

WAPPLES V-Series is a WAPPLES that is provided as a virtual appliance for cloud computing service providers and users. Basically, WAPPLES V-Series is functionally the same but with the WAPPLES provided as a H/W appliance by Penta Security Systems Inc.

If a customer decides  to deploy the WAPPLES V-Series, the customer will receive a DVD package that contains the WAPPLES V-Series image. After merging the WAPPLES V-Series, which is split and compressed in the DVD, into one file, the customer should import the file to the system through the Virtual Platform and run it.

WAPPLES V-Series supports Citrix XenServer, VMWare vSphere, Redhat KVM, QEMU, and Parallels Cloud Server.

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