Open Source DB Encryption


As data breaches have led to critical loss, data protection is an increasing priority. However, the lack of a powerful data security solution for open-source databases is yet to be resolved. In order to fill this gap, Penta Security Systems decided to create MyDiamo after a search for the ultimate MySQL data encryption solution.

With 15 years of know-how and techniques under our belt, we created MyDiamo which provides powerful and user-friendly data security for MySQL and MariaDB. With MyDiamo you can comply with the standards of HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and others. Optimized for MySQL and Maria DB, it also provides access control and auditing in each column.

As a comprehensive open source DB encryption security solution, MyDiamo is based on the same technology from D’Amo, an encryption solution which holds the no.1 market share in the Korean DB security.

Service Functions and Features

Column-level encryption engine unit support

MyDiamo supports data encryption in a column unit with utilizing secure encryption algorithms (AES, TDES, etc.). This way, users can encrypt or decrypt only the desired column (social security number, passport number, etc.). Its encryption/decryption takes place on the engine level, so it guarantees consistent performance and does not require query modification.

DB provides integrated security features

MyDiamo supports one-way encryption and asymmetric key cryptography. It also provides partial encryption through indexing for better performance. All it takes is one installation, because MyDiamo operates parallel to the DBMS engine.

Supported Platforms

MyDiamo supports Linux and Windows MySQL V5.1.36 and MariaDB V5.5.30 and above. However, if you need MyDiamo to support specific versions for your database, please contact us.