Bi-Annual Web Attack Trend Report

Penta Security Systems provides a bi-annual reports based on statistical data detected by WAPPLES, the Web Application Firewall (WAF). The data is analyzed by the Intelligent Customer Support (ICS) system of Penta Security Systems. Penta Security Systems collects, and analyzes statistical data for the purpose of providing web application threat trends and security services to customers using WAPPLES.


2016 Asian Cyber Security Vendor of the Year

Penta Security Systems was awarded by Frost & Sullivan at this year’s 13th annual Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards Banquet in Singapore. After concluding evaluations of revenue growth, market share, product innovation, and business/market strategy, a team of 30 analysts and consultants based in the Asian-Pacific region selected Penta Security Systems as the winner.

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The DDoS Top 6: Why Do Hackers Attack?

 Lately, it seems like the companies that haven’t had their web and cyber security compromised are in the minority. Many are hit hard by web vulnerability attacks, specifically DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks but the attack doesn’t usually even breach your data or go over any security parameters. So what’s the motivation behind it all?



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