AutoCrypt Wins 2019 TU-Automotive Award

Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service

TU-Automotive Awards

AutoCrypt, a total vehicle security solution, won the Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service Award at the annual TU-Automotive Awards Ceremony. 

TU-Automotive holds an awards ceremony along with one of the largest automotive technology conferences and precisely analyzes products and services in the automotive sector every year. It is one of the most prestigious and anticipated awards in the connected car industry. 

AutoCrypt was awarded for its excellence in security technology in autonomous, electric, and connected mobility environments. With its outstanding technologies certified overseas, offers the safest security for the next-generation mobility society. The awards recognized major industry leaders in 12 different categories and included Amazon, Mitsubishi Motors, Honda (Smart Intersction) as winners alongside Penta Security.

AutoCrypt, A Total Vehicle Security Solution

Penta Security has been leading the connected vehicle security technology scene in South Korea since 2007. Taking all the gateway and access points of vehicles into account, Penta Security has developed a communications channel security solution via encryption technology. Furthermore via ISign+ PKI, an encryption and authentication technology, the company was able to improve the authentication process with the infrastructure related to the driving environment of vehicles.

In August 2015, Penta Security released AutoCrypt, the first vehicle security solution in South Korea. AutoCrypt not only offers authentication system but also a firewall that detects external hacking threats on the application level, and generation of internal and external encryption keys, and a key management system (KMS) for encryption key management. AutoCrypt’s security technologies comply with international standards and is leveraging various transportation system projects around the world. AutoCrypt safely secures all the transportation systems and services surrounding mobility environments and is constantly creating new values for future mobility that continues to evolve as a service platform.